Recipes for Diabetics

Breakfast Burritos

These are really quick and easy. Although these can be fixed for any meal, breakfasts are particularly hard to fix without loading up the carbs. This gives you a nourishing breakfast that will stick with you.

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Scrambled Eggs

Breakfast is probably the most difficult meal to cook because we are usually in a hurry. Don't reach for that box of cold cereal that won't last you until lunch. This is a quick and easy diabetic recipe that is very low in carbs. It is also easy to modify for variety. Scrambled eggs can also be used as an ingredient for other recipes.

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Easy to fix low carb fried eggs

Fried Eggs

This is a great low carb, low fat dish that can be prepared in about 2 mintues. It is a good substitute for the high carb breakfasts like cereals that are usually eaten only because they are quick and easy. You will find that the protein helps stave off hunger longer as well.

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