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The whole idea for this website came about shortly after I had been diagnosed with diabetes. It was a bit scary for me because I remember my grandmother taking her daily insulin shots. Modern drugs were not available then. My dad also became diabetic. And both my grandmother and my father died from heart disease which is commonly associated with diabetes.

When my sister visited from out-of-state, my brothers and I got together with her for a family potluck. My family is famous for their large and sumptuous meals. It was here that I discovered my sister had a more severe case of diabetes. Somehow, skipping things like the super-rich chocolate cake didn't seem to bother her. She had been busy eating the good, healthy food and was quite full. She didn't have cake because there were other foods she preferred instead.

I was surprised at how healthy and full of energy she looked. She had also lost 25 pounds since I had seen her last so I was quite impressed. She explained her new way of eating (not what you would call a diet) that allowed for 45 grams of carbs per meal. She could consume that any way she desired. But healthful foods and whole grains (you get to subtract fiber from the carbs) were more filling than calorie-dense foods like that chocolate cake.

This diet plan was also really easy to follow. You check the nutrition label for the serving size, subtract fiber carbs from total carbs, then combine your foods to reach 45 carbs. Men are usually larger than women and allowed more but I'm not one of those larger men, except for my waist, so I decided to stick with 45 carbs. Add exercise to the plan and you've got a great way to control your diabetes.

This website is here to help you eat well, exercise, and control your diabetes. You'll probably find you are losing weight and having more energy in the process. So have fun.

— Rich Pulham

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